ABS Services



Building Automation

Automated Building Systems (ABS) is the authorized representative for Alerton and their BACtalk product line of 100% native BACnet controls for Southern New England.  Alerton and ABS were the first to bring Windows-based control systems and BACnet control systems to market.  Our knowledge and experience is unparalled and our commitment to quality is unwavering.

Alerton BACtalk systems can effectively monitor and control HVAC, Lighting, Access, Smoke Control and Irrigation systems easily and cost-effectively.  Utilizing the industry-standard BACnet open protocol at every system level, our solutions can easily and cost-effectively interface with other systems and provide future flexibility and protection for obsolescence.

We engineer, install, program, commission and build custom graphic interfaces for our systems in-house, ensuring a coordinated, turn-key implementation.

Alerton’s Building Suite provides a powerful, easy-to-use interface for Windows and the Web.  Our simple straight-forward software licensing ensures that there are no annual maintenance fees, scheduled required upgrade charges, or additional fees to allow for integration to other third-party systems.


Lighting Control

Our lighting controls are designed from the ground up to offer an integrated lighting control and energy management system that delivers the shortest possible payback from energy savings while improving lighting quality.  Addressable fixtures, level dimming and switching controls, coupled with easy-to-use control software, allow us to respond dynamically to the ever changing characteristics of a building by always integrating and simultaneously employing six different energy management strategies in one seamless system.  Personal control provides additional energy savings and occupant satisfaction. We design, build and commission all of our lighting control solutions and adapt this lighting technology to both new and old buildings. In a building with inefficient lighting and no occupancy sensing, we can deliver up to 75% energy savings on a comprehensive lighting redesign.


Energy  Services

Our dedicated Energy Services team can provide a comprehensive, bundled solution to reduce energy consumption, minimize carbon emissions and maximize cost savings while providing powerful reporting tools to verify.


Our Energy InSite Software Suite is a Live Online Energy Dashboard designed and implemented by ABS that allows building owners, operators and occupants to access information on real time energy consumption of their facilities.  Electrical, fuel, water and BTU meters are used to determine the actual operating costs and calculate the CO2 emissions and carbon footprint of buildings.  A solar power module is available for sites that are generating their own electricity.

The Dashboards are customized for each installation to provide site-specific information and incorporate special viewing requirements including vision-impaired accessibility or touchscreen kiosks and scrolling displays in public areas.  An educational component to the software is available that enables staff, occupants and the public to make informed choices that save energy and reduce the environmental impact.

Click here to see a real time example of the Live Online Energy Dashboard.

Auditing & Benchmarking

We will perform a thorough audit of the facility and determine baseline energy costs and compare it to other buildings of the same type and usage.  We then calculate potential reductions in energy usage by developing Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s).  Depending upon the client’s needs and desired outcome, we will perform selected ECM’s which might include measures such as lighting upgrades, lighting controls, building automation, HVAC equipment and building envelope improvements.  We will also look at renewable energies to potentially subsidize the operational cost of the facility.  On average, we reduce our clients’ energy consumption by at least 25%, often substantially more.

Grant Writing and Construction Loan Support

Our grant writing team regularly works with local utility companies, the Connecticut Clean Energy organization and federal agencies to maximize all grant opportunities; we have successfully delivered millions of dollars in free grant money to our customers.  We also work to maximize construction loans; many loans are given at zero percent interest when associated with energy saving projects.

Measurement and Verification

Our Measurement and Verification software allows building owners and operators to validate the effectiveness of Energy Conservation Measures performed within the building. After conservation measures have been completed, clients will be able to compare previous energy consumption with current energy consumption; this program gives our clients an efficient tool for calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) of the site improvements.

Design Build/ Retrofit

Our design team will evaluate your HVAC system and recommend upgrades or changes to equipment and systems operations.  Our goal is to implement an efficient and cost-effective solution while providing you with total building comfort. We partner with local engineers and energy companies to maximize total design and energy savings.

System Integration

Leveraging the open architecture of our Building Automation Systems and our vast knowledge base experience, we can seamlessly integrate with other Building Automation products and communicate with other technologies that exist inside a facility, including electrical distribution systems, fire/life safety, security and access control, lighting, elevator control and irrigation systems.


Service is the key component of the value we offer our clients.  Our dedicated and knowledgeable in-house staff provides complete service and support on all of our systems.  24/7 availability to all of our support resources ensures that critical systems will be kept up and running with minimal interruption during failure events, providing peace of mind.

Service and Support Agreements

We tailor custom solutions for our clients to provide scheduled preventative maintenance, enhanced technical support and priority on-call response as needed to assure maximum efficiency and up-time of our systems.  Additional benefits include discounted labor and materials rates and free software updates.  

Monitoring Services

At ABS, we are able to remotely monitor all of our “connected” control system installations.  We can provide a comprehensive Monitoring Service Plan that can entail anything from remote alarm notification and troubleshooting to continuous monitoring and complete operation of the system.  This allows ABS to take care of the small issues efficiently and effectively from our office, allowing our client’s staff to focus on more important tasks and reduce operating costs.  If a problem needs further attention, the client will be notified and a decision made regarding an action plan to resolve the issue.  We also provide a variety of reports to document system events and performance.

Technical Support

We have technical support engineers available during normal business hours for all of our customers to assist in answering questions, provide technical documentation and perform remote diagnosis and troubleshooting.

24/7 Coverage

ABS has on-call technicians available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. No matter when an issue pops up we are ready to help.  Facilities with critical systems can incorporate blanket 24/7 coverage into a Service and Support Agreement if desired.


The best tool to keep a system running at peak efficiency is a knowledgeable user who has the training and technical information available to make adjustments to operating parameters and monitor system performance through trendlogs, alarms and the other tools that our systems provide.  To that end, ABS is committed to offering system training for our end-users.  Based upon the client’s needs and abilities, ABS provides intensive training programs on all facets of our systems including engineering, programming and network configuration.

Factory Training

Alerton, Belimo and Encelium offer factory training courses on a regular schedule.  For Alerton training, a certification process for their BAS systems allows end-users to receive the same Alerton Certified Engineer (ACE) status that our technicians receive.  Factory training courses are a mixture of on-line self-paced courses for the introductory levels and classroom training for the advanced courses.

Additional online courses covering HVAC Fundamentals and Computer Networking basics are also available.

On-Site Training

ABS will customize a training program for specific customer needs to be presented on-site using the actual system.  This can be broken down into short segments on a recurring scheduled basis to maximize retention and to not tie-up limited manpower resources for extended periods of time.

Scheduled ongoing training can also be a key component of a Service and Support Agreement.