Automated Building System's Dashboard Product

Energy InSite™ is a complete energy reporting suite that is flexible, customizable and cost-effective.  Running on a touchscreen kiosk or accessed as a Web Client from any computer, Energy InSite™ provides a complete window into your organization’s energy usage.  This Flash based program allows multiple users to concurrently view, in real-time, electricity, natural gas, water, and BTU consumption; display renewable energy generation; and identify the CO2 impact your facility makes.  Develop customized cost profiles, compare buildings to one another, calculate your Energy Utilization Index (EUI), and show the impact that ambient conditions have on energy consumption.  Energy InSite™ can also verify that energy conservation measures are performing as designed on an individual basis with our Measurement & Verification component.

Flexible.  Energy InSite™ is capable of tracking and displaying all energy types through our unique configuration tool that allows you to add and configure meters, perform and display custom energy calculations, provide carbon footprint data, and develop cost analysis profiles.

Affordable.  Leveraging the existing investment in your Alerton BACtalk system reduces the initial installed cost by eliminating integration devices, protocol drivers, or other third party fees.  No seat licensing, data acquisition, remote hosting, or other recurring fees delivers long-term value and puts you in control.

Customizable.  We will personalize your Energy InSite™ by incorporating your organization’s identity into the website, and we can display photos and other data for your buildings.  Have a unique application or want to develop site-specific educational components? Automated Building Systems can build it – quickly and cost-effectively.